Forces Avenir - St. Lawrence students going to the next round

Forces Avenir is a contest designed to recognize and promote student engagement. Students compete in different categories for different prizes and recognition. This culminates in a Forces Avenir Gala at the end of the school year.  

With the encouragement of the St. Lawrence Forces Avenir selection committee, many students applied. Many of the projects and personalities were exciting and engaging. The results from the Forces Avenir jury was nothing short of amazing. The following Forces Avenir local winners were selected for next-level online interviews held from the 2nd to the 6th of May. You can click here to watch them live.


Personalities that will take part in the selection interview :

  1. Zahra Hassan Doualeh, AVENIR Étudiant engagé category
  2. Roselyne Plante, AVENIR Étudiant persévérant category


Projects that will take part in the selection interview  :

  1. EduWise, AVENIR Entrepreneuriat, affaires et économie social category
  2. Build Your Neural Network, AVENIR Sciences et technologies category


The gang at EduWise brainstorming on new education techniques


*Local winners will be recognized at this year's Socio-cultural banquet Wednesday, April 27th 

*To know more about the 2022 contest and to be better informed for your candidacy next year, consult the Forces Avenir website by clicking here