Propulse ton idée local winners announced


Propulse Ton Idée Contest aims at helping students launch their business or project ideas. Student projects must be submitted on paper and presented to a panel of judges. The projects deemed the most innovative get the prize. St. Lawrence was proud to have received a total of 14 project ideas. 


Winners 1st place 300$: Project MEDI-CLIC

Medi-Clic is a medical vending machine that is compatible with smartphone apps. This vending machine is for people who have recurring pre-order prescriptions. Customers could come to a drug store and would use this app like a mailbox to pick up prescriptions.


From left to right: Laura Garneau - Andréanne Laforest-Allard - Olivier Dufour - Laurie Adam



Finalist 2nd place 200$: Project ANIFENCE

Anifence is a homemade customized fence designed to prevent animals from climbing and destroying Christmas trees. 

Mathilde Lacroix



The two finalists will have a chance to win the regional prize. Congratulations and good luck!