Our brand-new gymnasium look

For a year now, significant work has taken place in the CEGEP Champlain St. Lawrence gymnasium! We have: 

  • Repainted sports lines to better comply with sporting standards 
  • Improved surface safety and surface grip  
  • Brought the gym in line with our team colours 

 What is nice is that we established elements that develop a sense of belonging and school spirit.   


In 2020, this project began by sprucing up the gym walls using the modern Lions logo colors. The gymnasium is also brighter now because the ceiling was painted white. Just recently, floor sandblasting was carried out, making it possible to widen the basketball court to more compliant dimensions. In addition,we aligned the volleyball court with the existing volleyball court anchors. Last but not least, the final wall decoration closed the project by further heightening student belonging and the desire to cheer the Lions! 


Most importantly, new colors and logos now catch the eye in our gym!  


We are very proud of the final result and so eager to see you in the fall when you can witness these new improvements for yourself!