Open House November 9th will be virtual

St. Lawrence is proud to present its Open House event this November 9th, 2021. The open house event allows potential students to get familiar with all aspects of CEGEP life at St. Lawrence. Because of the uncertainties of COVID-19 restrictions, we have made the decision to be 100% virtual this Fall. But this does not take away from the actual experience. We have a whole bunch of activities on the menu:

  • Hockey coaches will be present for the hockey program
  • Sports consultant for sports teams (Volleyball, soccer, Rugby, Basketball and others) 
  • General presentations in both English et en français
  • Presentations specific to branches of study 
    • Social Sciences
    • Sciences
    • Arts, Literature, and Communications
    • Business
  • Drop-in help is offered for those looking to get help
    • for academic and admissions
    • psychosocial support
    • special services support



To sign up for the different sessions, consult our user-friendly event registration page here


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