Fall 2021 beats records for Sociocultural participation at St Lo


We all know that returning to school was not the simplest thing to do this Fall 2021. The most apparent complications have to do with COVID-19 mandates, restrictions, and guidelines for sure. But for us, we anticipated a student struggle because of the drastic move from confinement to in-person schooling.


Students wearing masks pointing to where they need to go


We expected students to be slow at getting used to a more "normal" academic way of life. However, the opposite was the case. In the context of this unique and special return to class, the College is particularly proud of our students' interest and exceptional commitment to sociocultural and sports activities. No less than 165 students have shown an interest in participating in our various student clubs.


The enthusiasm was so strong that we have even added more clubs to our existing roster. We now have a new student newspaper called The Lion's Log. There is also a very active Multimedia club and an E-Sports team. In our commitment to a more immersive student experience, the College has set up a state-of-the-art room for our E-Sports club.


We have 135 student-athletes and 20 coaches or support staff in 9 fully active sports programs. A new women's soccer club was added to our program this fall as well.


Womens vollyball students listening to a coach's instructions


After this long pandemic bout, things are definitely looking up. Kudos go to all students for their resilience and adaptability. Thanks to you 2022 is looking up!