A more active and immersive St. Lawrence social media presence

We all know that social media is a reality that cannot be ignored. Certain social media platforms lend themselves to our school administration's goal of keeping students engaged. Our goal is to

  • Keep students informed on upcoming events
  • Stimulate engagement between faculty, staff, and the student population
  • Develop school community
  • Establish ourselves as a community presence



For this reason, St Lawrence has decided to focus on keeping the news feeds of three major social media platforms updated.    

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube


We do not deny the importance of other platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, Discord, and Pinterest. However, our goal is to ensure that the news we feed to our platforms is of a certain quality level. To be brief, we do not want to spread ourselves too thin. One must never underestimate how much expertise each platform takes.


Engagement and discourse are our goals, so we invite you to like, follow, and subscribe to some of the following social media profiles.


Our general Facebook and Instagram pages really keep in tune with the latest events, and student experiences.


For those in the Quebec City community wanting to know more about our employment opportunities


The Lions sports page is there for all existing and potential student-athletes.


The St. Lawrence page for clubs our many clubs


Th St. Lawrence Student association Facebook and Instagram page