Sentinels, Suicide Prevention

Sentinels, Suicide Prevention

 Suicide Prevention Sentinels

Are you facing significant distress? Are you having thoughts of suicide? While acknowledging these thoughts may be frightening, and you may prefer to ignore them, it is important to recognize the signs and seek help. Suicidal behaviour often has observable signs, which makes intervening possible before it is too late.

The key signs and behaviours to be aware of that might suggest someone is at risk of suicide follow the acronym – “IS PATH WARM”
I – Ideation (thoughts of suicide)
S – Substance Abuse
P – Purposelessness (lost sense of purpose in life)
A – Anxiety
T – Trapped
W – Withdrawal
A – Anger
R – Recklessness
M – Mood changes

At SLC, we have a network of Sentinels to offer support to students during periods of distress. Sentinels are members of the SLC community trained in suicide prevention. The role of a Sentinel can be compared to a First Aid Responder; someone who is there to help until the experts or professionals take over. You can speak directly to a Sentinel if you are going through a difficult time or if you wish to help a person in distress. The Sentinels can be identified by a sign on their office door or you may go directly to them without hesitation. The following is a list of teachers and staff who are trained Suicide Prevention Sentinels:

  1. Louis-Alexandre Berthelot, room 358, ext 507
  2. Terry Connolly, room 267, ext 413
  3. Nicole-Anne Daigle, room 266, ext 218
  4. Diane Denault, room 370, ext 419
  5. Vincent-Jean Dubé, room 272, 236
  6. Carol-Anne Gauthier, room 330, ext 436
  7. Shirley Jobson, room 269, ext 241
  8. Suzanne Lemay, room 355, ext. 444
  9. Susie Ratté, room 234, ext 201
  10. Alexandre Roussel, room 270, ext 208
  11. Jason Savard, room 329, ext 486
  12. Patrick Savard, room 358, ext 472
  13. France Séguin, room 277, ext 473

Centre de prévention du suicide:

Any time you need help for yourself or someone you know:
1-866-APPELLE     1 866 277-3553
Need help:
Facebook : @preventiondusuicide et #tesimportant