English Writing Workshop

English Writing Workshop

The English Writing Workshop will be open during the final examination period. Students will not be able to make appointments since it will be on a first come first serve basis. The hours when the workshop will be open are listed below:

Louise Gauthier: Tuesday, December 10: 8:30-12:05 in the workshop # 259

Leigh Bateman:  Tuesday,December 10: 10:20-2:55 in room # 320 and Thursday, December 19:8-12:30 # 320

John Whitt: Thursday, December 12: 2:00-3:45, Friday, December 13: 2:00-3:45, Thursday, December 19 2:00-3:45 and Friday, December 20: 2:00-3:45 in his office

Patrick Savard: Monday, December 9:11:00-1:00; Wednesday; December 11: 10:20-12:05;Thursday, December 12: 10:20-12:05 and Tuesday, December 17:9:00-11:00 # 259

Andrée-Ann Babin: Tuesday, December 10: 10:20-17:35 and Wednesday, December 11: 10:20-12:05 #259.

The English writing workshop helps students identify and correct their errors in written work with the aid of an English teacher.

The workshop is open to all students.

Room 259 in the library. You must book an appointment online. Please follow this link: 
English Writing workshop online schedule - Fall 2019

Attendance will be taken. Please do not click on this link before you attend the workshop in person.

For more info contact your English teacher.