2017-2018 Basketball

Women's Basketball

Our women's basketball team is a member of the RSEQ North-East conference division 2. The league is currently composed of 8 teams from Quebec/Chaudière Appalaches, Saguenay and Lower St-Lawrence Regions.

Tryouts: Team try-outs are open to any SLC student and are held in the first and second week of classes in August.

Practices: The team practices four times per week according to the following schedule: Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays from 17:00-19:00 and Thursdays from 7:15-8:45.

Competition Calendar: The team plays is based on a home-and-home schedule with all 7 teams in the league, therefore 14 regular season games. Season starts in mid-October and finishes in mid-March, followed by the North-East conference championships on the 3rd weekend of March, and Provincial Championships on the first weekend of April.

Cost: $344.92/year

You will find the game schedule, results and standings on the RSEQ website.

Coaching Staff

Justin Robert

Justin Robert

Head Coach
Jennica Laberge

Jennica Laberge

Assistant Coach


Anne-Charlie Robert 4

Anne-Charlie Robert

Mont St-Sacrement
Catherine Boulanger 5

Catherine Boulanger

Séminaire St-François
Stéphanie Pacaud 6

Stéphanie Pacaud

Amandine St-Hilaire 10

Amandine St-Hilaire

la Seigneurie
Isabelle Marceau 11

Isabelle Marceau

Les Etchemins
Ariane Doré 12

Ariane Doré

Marie Trépanier 13

Marie Trépanier

Kim Gendron 15

Kim Gendron

St. Patrick's High School
Amy Pagé 23

Amy Pagé

Eliane Dumont-Vandewinkel

Eliane Dumont-Vandewinkel

Jeanne Bellerose

Jeanne Bellerose

Catherine Choquette

Catherine Choquette