2016-2017 Rugby

Men's Rugby

Our men's rugby team is a member of the RSEQ North-East conference division 3. The league is currently composed of 6 teams from the Quebec/Chaudière Appalaches regions and play rugby 7's

Tryouts: Team try-outs are open to any SLC student and are held in the first week of classes in August.

Practices: The team practices two times per week according to the following schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 17:00-18:30. Practices take place on one of the Laval University fields.

Competition Calendar: The season is played in tournament format. The games are held on four Sundays in the Fall semester from mid-September until the third week of October.

Cost: $258.69/year

You will find the game schedule, results and standings on the RSEQ website.


Ekhi Medina

Ekhi Medina

Head Coach


William Blanchet 1

William Blanchet

Séminaire St-François
Kyle Haddad 2

Kyle Haddad

St Patrick's High School
Samuel Poirier 3

Samuel Poirier

Quebec High School
Simon Laflamme 4

Simon Laflamme

Cégep de La Pocatière
François-Xavier Lord 5

François-Xavier Lord

Académie les Estacades
Christophe Bouchard 6

Christophe Bouchard

Collège de Lévis
Ryan O'Connell 7

Ryan O'Connell

St Patrick'S High School
Christopher Welch 8

Christopher Welch

St Patrick's High School
Shan Gagné 9

Shan Gagné

St Patrick's High School
Christopher Magee-Sommerville 10

Christopher Magee-Sommerville

Quebec High School
Christian Thibault 11

Christian Thibault

St. Patrick's High School
Vincent Giguère 12

Vincent Giguère

Académie les Estacades
Elliot Deschênes 13

Elliot Deschênes

École secondaire Roger-Comtois
Philippe Bilodeau 14

Philippe Bilodeau

Collège de Lévis
Samuel Bouchard 15

Samuel Bouchard

Collège de Lévis
William Vigneault 16

William Vigneault

Académie St-Louis
Dominic O'Brien 17

Dominic O'Brien

St Patrick's High School
Albert Lavigne 18

Albert Lavigne

Académie les Estacades