Projet Creatif show a success!

Our students and teachers gave a moving and powerful performance during the show entitled "J’t’ un peu malade".

The course "Projet creatif" is one of the final courses taken by all graduating students in the ALC program as part of the Comprehension Assessment. Through the creative outlets of poetry, music and theatre students explore topics and themes that influence their lives and our society.


By her dedication, their teacher Suzanne Lemay, brings the students to perform their poems, songs, music and skits in front of an audience, and for some it is their first time on stage! With the help of other talented teachers in the French Department, this show is a moving moment in the final semester of these students. This event also raised $325 which was donated to La Boussole de Québec, an organization that supports families dealing mental illness.

Congrats to all!