Apply now for the Potter Award

The Potter Family Award will be given to a Champlain College St. Lawrence student at this year’s graduation ceremony. Created to honour Champlain Regional College for its education mission in memory of former Director of Studies, Arthur G. Potter III, the award is presented to a student from one of the Champlain Regional Colleges, on a rotating basis, each year – this year being Champlain-St-Lawrence’s turn. A $1,000.00 prize is awarded to support a student with an inquiring, innovative mind who is able to synthesize the educational experience at Champlain in a short essay. You must be a student at Champlain-St-Lawrence with a cumulative grade average of at least 85% and in your last semester to apply.

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The deadline date to apply for the award is Friday, May 3rd at midnight. The application form should be sent as an attachment to the following email address: Applicants will receive an email confirmation immediately after the application is submitted. 

For more information, please see Nicole-Anne Daigle, Guidance Counsellor (R266)